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Bigsby continues to grow. He went to the vet for a hot spot two weeks ago (yuck, but they get em, right?) He weighed in at 80.3lbs. Here's our engagement pix with him. You'll be amazed how big he's gotten.

We're going to Hawaii for our honeymoon and Bigsby is going to be staying with a lady who has two female labs. He's smitten for the 2yr old chocolate named "Gunny". Whenever he's around her, he submits to her and gives her his belly and nuzzles on her ears. Too cute.

After our return we're going to start looking to move into a bigger house.  We've already talked about a "friend for Bigs"...maybe a white one to make "Ivory and Ebony" ;)

Michelle & Ryan

Heather and Eric,

Just dropping you a line about Jersey.  She's doing great and we're very happy with our choice.  She'll be a great dog!  We took her to our vet for the 1st time today and she got some shots and a microchip.  He said she was in beautiful condition.  We've beeen training regularly and she is coming along well.  Lots of swimming and retrieving thus far.  She does have an attitude most of the time.  She's a nipper and she lets her teeth do the talking!  Hopefully with persistence it will go away.  Hope all is well with you and yours.

Mike & Kathy Collier

Bailey has quickly become apart of our family! We love her so much, and she is such a fast learner. Within a few days of coming home with us, she was consistently sitting and staying. Which has quickly evolved intolearning her retrieving whistle commands, coming when she is called, and much more :) We couldn't be happier with our lovely puppy! Thank you so much! Collin and I hope that everything is going well for you and your family, and we look forward to catching up sometime soon.

Thanks ,Katie

Here's an update.  We're currently 2 for 3 in the AKC Junior Hunt Tests.  The 1st one was my inexperience getting the best of me.  The next 2 were both passes.  She's doing very well for an almost 15 month old pup.  Here's Jersey's 1st junior ribbon.  I'll be sure to send a current pic after she's titled.  We should have it behind us by hunting season!
My Best,

Hope you are doing well!   Bella is doing great - she is now 26 pounds - and growing every day!  She has TONS of energy, loves everyone - esp. kids and other dogs and CHEWS everything!   I have attached some cute pictures of her from today when I brought her to the office - of course no one got any work done as she wanted to PLAY non-stop!!

Hope you and the family are doing well and all the dogs!

Keep in touch!  



Its been about a year since we purchased “Bailey” from you, I believe she was from the Jan 09 litter. I had a few minutes this morning and I just wanted to send an update and a few pictures. During the early season she made some of her first retrieves on wood ducks and has continued hunting hard all season through a variety of conditions. This past weekend she retrieved her first goose, and her next five, without hesitation. Thanks for developing a strong drive to retrieve in your dogs.


Hey Handzo Family,

This is Ali Andrzejewski! I thought I might write to tell ya'll about the chocolate pup you sold me. He is awesome, we are best friends. I named him Costa (Like Costa Rica) and he's almost 14 weeks old now! He goes almost EVERYWHERE with me... he even comes to Mackey's with me when I meet my friends there for crab dip at happy hour. He sits on a bar stool, props his feet up on the bar and drinks water out of a cup off the bar. He's everybody's favorite! He is also already swimming and playing with plenty of other dogs.

He's doing pretty well with potty training... he usually barks at me when he has to go. The vet said that she has never seen such a good pup... which is the reaction I get from most people. He is so well behaved and calm. He listens so well. He follows me everywhere.... even out to the car if I have to grab something. At night time he sleeps right next to me in bed and sleeps through the night until morning where I take him out and he goes right to the bathroom. I love him to death and I couldn't be happier! We are practically inseparable.

Thanks so much for such a great pup. We've really bonded... I was worried after the first couple of days when he wouldn't start crying but he is just fine now!


Hello Eric,

I just wanted to thank you for the papers. I just recieved them and I have already put them in the mail!!! Dont want her to chew them up again! That crazy crazy dog!!!  Your family is very cute, I also recieved your christmas card. I have attached one of our christmas pictures with Kyah in it. Kyah is actually very good with the baby most of the time. she kisses him a little much but that is better than bitting! She has stepped on his stomach and yesterday she stepped on his face. He was fine, I just freaked out a little bit. I guess we will have to work on that. She still has not had her first heat! wondering if it will ever come. But we are looking foward to breeding her in a year or so. I know I will have to get her hips and eyes checked first to assure that she does not pass on any bad stuff to the pups. I was wondering if you would be able to make copies of her parents health checks for us. I know I have asked alot of you, but I want to have that when the puppies come. I will be contacting you for a stud when the time comes.

Anyway thanks,